• Core Competency

    With more than 20 years of combined experience, the highly efficient team provides a full range of branding services from strategic planning,  creative design, to  project implementation and management.
    Our philosophy is to create an existence through a network of thoughts, a place where brands form dialogues and communicate with the rest of the world.   


  • Total Expertise

    Cogitoimage is made up of experienced creative talents of interdisciplinary expertise from Japan, France, Germany, USA, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Team members exchange experiences and best practices with world class talents to consistently deliver high quality works to global brands. 

    We do not compromise in our pursuit for strategic designs that are innovative, efficient and executed in a seamless manner. Over the last two decades, we successfully organised and executed hundreds of projects for known corporates and brands, building an extensive portfolio of designs for museums, world's fair, corporate showrooms, retail brands, commercial spaces and large scale exhibitions.
  • Strategic Planning

    We start with the discovery of the brand story and conducting in-depth analysis of clients’ needs. This is followed by the development of the communication strategy and creative axis. Setting the space as the center stage, we identify the most appropriate way to deliver the brand promise and articulate the key messages. 

    We work closely with our client to reconstruct the brand structure to redefine and come up with fresh perspectives for spaces.
  • Creative Planning

    Creativity is a key driver in our communication strategy which defines the way we tell stories through space. 

    Executing against the axis of creativity, we utilise graphic visuals, multimedia, lighting, display techniques and skills to create a spatial experience that visitors can immerse themselves in and join us in a journey of a beautiful brand story. 

  • Precise Execution

    Every international project or brand Cogitoimage has served speaks for our creativity and executing capabilities. 

    We value our customers’ trust and firmly believe in bringing quality ideas to life through attention to details and seamless implementation. The team consists of more than 30 experienced account and project managers who work with more than 100 partners in different fields all over the world. Through teamwork and strong project management, we ensure that all creative ideas come to fruition in their ideal forms.