• Cogitoimage

    We are strategic space planners. 

    Working closely with clients, we rejuvenate brands and introduce fresh perspectives to the world through a combination of design ideals and space planning strategies. Space becomes a key arena for organizations or brands to share and interact with people. 

    Established 1993 in Taipei, Cogitoimage is an international branding company with presence in Shanghai, Singapore, Japan, and Germany. Our multidisciplinary team consists of talented local designers, curators, engineers, project managers, artists, museum specialists, and new media workers. With a strong foundation and expansive resources, we have shaped over 500 spatial designs around the world.

  • Philosophy

    Turning spaces into a talking point
    People are the focal point in a spatial experience. Our objective is to facilitate and enhance the flow of communication between space and people. Through innovative use of space and storytelling concepts to convey key messages, we engage users in a more meaningful way, which further strengthens the bond between the brand and the user.

    Embracing innovation and challenges
    The most significant element of Cogitoimage’s culture is our relentless pursuit of excellence which drives us to challenge norms and boundaries. We learn from mistakes, remain fearless, and are constantly redefining the balance between rationality and emotion. This culture is a key driver for our growth as we gain recognition for a broad spectrum of projects ranging from exhibitions to global fairs, and from retail channels to corporate spaces and museums. We continually raise the bar in these arenas through constant ideation, resource integration and seamless implementation. Our works speak for themselves and have won numerous awards worldwide. This in turn has spurred us to further raise our design standards and thinking.

    Talent appreciation and embracing global best practices
    Talent diversity is what defines us. In addition to engaging talented specialists, we are also committed to a talent development programme that encourages employees to become life-long learners and to strive for personal excellence.
    It is the constant exposure to knowledge sharing, innovative ideas, and the latest technologies that makes Cogitoimage stand out among competition. We also work closely with renowned global experts from various fields to continuously innovate and deliver the best creative value to clients and partners.

  • Service Offerings

    Cogitoimage provides a variety of services including spatial design services, exhibition, design consultancy and project management. 

    Museum displays, corporate showrooms, exhibitions, multi-platform branding and congregation spaces exemplify our wide range of expertise and capabilities. 

    Through close collaboration with clients and partners, detailed needs analysis, strategic planning, the development of creativity and project management, Cogitoimage, along with its international teams, strives to create an improved, more efficient and exquisite spatial experience.
  • Achievement

    TAIPOWER D/S ONE - Red Dot Award Winner

    TAIPOWER D/S ONE - TID Award [Public Space/ lnstitutional Space]

    TAIPOWER D/S ONE - TID Award [Branding & Communication/Branding]

    Taichung World Flora Expo, Discovery Pavilion - Architecture MasterPrize [Honorable Mention]

    Taichung World Flora Expo, Discovery Pavilion - Good Design Award Winner

    Taichung World Flora Expo, Discovery Pavilion - TID Award [Cultural Exhibition Space]

    Dada’Magic Land, Silver awarded of  Golden Creativity Prize

    T-Star Taipei 101 Flagship Store,  Successful Design Award

    China's MICE Industry - Creative and Outstanding Enterprise  

    China's MICE Industry - Top 10 Enterprise 

    Outstanding Display & Construction Enterprise

    Best Display & Construction Organization of China 

    China Integrity Operate Enterprise 

    China's MICE Industry - Goldfinger Award for Best Display & Construction Organization 

    Motorola at China Hi-Tech Fair, Beijing - Best Exhibit Award 

    NTT DOCOMO headquarter showroom, Japan - JCD Design Award 

    AOPEN at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Taiwan - TAID Retail Space Design Competition / Merit Award

    Housing & Development Board(HDB) Gallery, Singapore - Singapore Quality Award

    Singapore HDB Gallery - Singapore Quality Award 

    CHIMEI LCD Science Museum, Taiwan - TAID Public Space Design Competition / Silver Prize

    Gamania gama island, Taiwan - TAID Retail Space Design Competition / Merit Award

    ZTE at PT/Expo Comm China, Beijing - Most Attractive Booth Award  

    ZTE at PT/Expo Comm China, Beijing - Most Popular Booth Award

    Foxconn at CeBIT, Germany - TAID Public Space Design Competition / Merit Award

    TSMC Education and Culture Foundation "The World of Semiconductors", Taiwan - TAID Interior Space Design Competition / Bronze Prize

    Decks Tokyo Beach - JCD Design Award / Commercial Space 

    KABA HOUSE - Best Urban Landscape Award of Toyota, Japan 

    BEKOYA Japanese restaurant - Best Urban Landscape Award of Yonezawa, Japan 

    Kawagoe Electric Power Museum “Tera 46” - Best Display and Industrial Design Award, Nippon Display Federation

    Hong Kong Housing Authority Exhibition Centre - Merit Award for Interior Design, American Institute of Architects, AIA

    Creative Director, Ying Fook Lin - Top 20 Creative Designer of China's MICE industry

    Häagen-Dazs flagship store, Sinan Shop, Shanghai was a finalist in the International Space Design Awards – IDEA-TOPS dining space category

  • Qualifications

    Certificate of Registration as a Technological Service Organization
    ● Visual Communication Design
    ● Multimedia/ Digital Media Design
    ● Spatial Design
    ● Design Integration

    Member of American Association of Museums (AAM)

    Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, Professional Exhibition Engineering Committee, Level A Exhibition Engineering Qualification

    Shanghai World Expo, Authorized Supplier for Exhibitor Supporting Services 

    Shanghai World Expo, Authorized Supplier for Planning & Design Category

    Shanghai World Expo, Authorized Supplier for Exhibition Engineering Category

    "Shanghai World Expo Advanced Individual" Honor

    Building Decoration Design and Construction, Qualifications Class-B