The Singleton Sensorium

“Sensory Exploration Journey ”: a wondrous, multi-sensory feast
“The Singleton Sensorium” is the first large-scale event Singleton, a brand of the well-known alcoholic beverages company Diageo, has held in Taiwan. Cogitoimage won out the design competition with the concept of "experiential exhibition". This approach has been developed and implemented within the theme initiated by Condiment Junkie, the creative agency from London, Britain.
Stepping into the brand experience room, a refreshing, mind-cleansing flair of untouched nature created with the fog screen projection calmed souls and prepared guests for a multi-sensory whisky tasting journey. The introduction into a mesmerizing world of light and sound started with the master blender in her workshop. Then, in a secret garden full of greenery, one noticed the floral note blooming in the mouth. The wooden forest in daffodil yellow shades reflected the flavor unfolding in your throat, while the rose room draped with luxurious red velvet accentuated the smooth richness you tasted on the tongue. The environments enhanced the taste as they walked from room to room. One by one, sensory perceptions were awakened and heightened in each space. In the taste experience room – presenting a lengthy oval table with reflective surface, combined effectively with panorama projection - the guests were taken into a wonderland of exotic scents with” Reserve Collection Signature” to enjoy premium liquors and culinary delicacies.
The experiential event this time surprised visitors with innovative design techniques to “trigger sensors with spatial elements”, the brand marketing was successfully performed for the client. The guests not only experienced temporary sensations but also left with memorable impressions.