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Taiwan Mobile Digital Life-Syntrend Creative Park

Multidimensional, smart & fun – invitations to stay longer and communicate
Syntrend Creative Park is the new landmark of the technological culture in Taiwan. The top four telecom providers are stationed on the ground floor, which is themed with "technological life" and shows live demonstrations of unbounded communication. Key challenges were how to bring out the brand and convey the core values of Taiwan Mobile in the modernity of the avant-garde mall.
We introduced contemporary technological media with "T.I.M.E. Digital Convergence" as the design concept. The interior in radial arrangement on white background, combined with LED motion graphics on the ceiling, experience tables and wall designs in Taiwan Mobile’s characteristic triangle cut, altogether formed an artful, modern technology gallery.Hardware like electronic price cards, description specs and the large video wall were applied, realizing go eco by paperless digital communication.
The cooperation with a Taiwanese digital art team resulted in various interactive art installations such as "Digital Audio Visual", "Microscopic City" for visitors to try out the value-added service. The space design included “people" as one of the constituent elements of technology and art, providing unprecedented sensory experience for the consumers.