TAIPOWER D/S ONE converts energy into creativity

D/S ONE is designed by the Cogito’s team to coordinate the curatorial design, and joined with a number of design masters and design teams in different fields to accomplish the project. It is a green energy exhibition hall inspired by powerful design with Taipower's professional energy.

ENERGY+ MAKERSustainable Design Platform

POWERLAB, located at first floor of exhibition hall which composed by artists, designers, energy teachers, and other Makers to introduce innovative current into D/S ONE in the way of co-working workshops. Standing on the left side of the first floor entrance, the "VR robot" like a science fiction movie scene is the first manned robotic arm in Taiwan to be applied in the museum area. Audiences wear virtual reality equipment and experience the constant change of future dynamic power of the energy.

ENERGY + GYM: self-made energy field for light-emitting power generation

ENERGYM on the second floor of the exhibition hall combines two concepts of natural source of ENERGY and physical exercise GYM. Five green energy interactive exhibition areas: "Hydraulic Bounce", "Wind Dance", "Photovoltaic Movement", "Wave Battle Rope", "Geothermal Flywheel" combined with interactive lighting, natural soundscapes, multimedia animation and mechanical dynamic models.  The process of accumulating electrical energy through exercise allow audience to feel the characteristics of different energy sources and the principle of scientific power generation.

ENERGY + ART: art gallery with mutual subject

D/S ONE GALLERY is connected by 1F public space and 2F aisle space that created the main channel of art and energy. Through regular themed curation on a quarterly basis, expanding energy to a wider imagination and dialogue.