• Consultant of Curatorial Division/

    Chuan-Kun Ho

    PhD of Anthropology, Washington State University, USA.


    Taiwanese Archaeology, Chinese Paleoanthropology, Chinese Paleolithic Archeology, Chinese Neolithic Archeology, Zooarchaeology, Demographic Archeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Egyptian Archeology, Museum Anthropology, Biological anthropology, World Cultural Heritage


    Professional Experience/

    National Museum of Natural Science, Researcher and Director of Anthropology Study Group

    TNUA’s Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Adjunct Professor

    Member of Taiwan's World Heritage Advisory Committee, Council of Cultural Affairs (2003-2005)

    Member of Historic Sites Review Committee, Council of Cultural Affairs (2009-2012)

    Inventory Inspector, National Palace Museum (2011-2012)

    Convener of the Inventory Inspectors' Committee for  Anthropology Department, National Taiwan Museum (2002-2003)

    Member of the Advisory Committee, National Museum of Prehistory

    Member of the Antiquities Inspection Subcommittee, Ministry of Education

    Member of the Aboriginal Education Policy Committee, Ministry of Education

    Member of the Kaohsiung Museum of History Advisory Committee

    Member of the Taiwanese Cultural Heritage Preservation Yearbook Editorial Board

    Teaching post for Dharma Drum Humanities Lectures, Beijing University

    Chairman of Institute of Historical Resources Management, Taiwan


    Curatorial Experience/

    2015 Diving into History-Underwater Archaeology Exhibition

    2015 Scientific Quest-Cultural Heritage Conservation and Environmental Changes Exhibition

    2014 100th Anniversary Exhibition, Taipei Zoo

    2013 Connecting People with Heaven: the Plague Expulsion Festivals and Belief in the Royal Lords (Wangye) in Taiwan

    2012  Decoding the Secret of the First Emperor's Mausoleum and Silent Warriors of Ancient China

    2011  Mummy Legends - Ancient Cultures of Egypt Exhibition (Taichung)

    2011  Dinosaurs Dream Park - Sea, Land and Air

    2009  Curator of The Smiling Kingdom: The Terracotta Warriors (Taipei)

    2009  The good old times of Lucheng (city) Exhibition

    2008  The Epic Stitched on Miao's Clothes

    2008  Stories of the People in Taichung from Old Times Special Exhibition

    2007  Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China (II) (Taipei)

    2007  Renewal of the permanent showroom Agricultural Ecology

    2006  Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China (II) (Taichung)

    2004  Stories of the People in Taichung from Old Times Special Exhibition

    2004  Planning for Archaeology and Physical Anthropology Section of the permanent exhibition hall “Oceania” 

    2004  Guizhou Miao Stockade Village Exhibition

    2004  Dancing Butterflies, Crimson Maples: A Special Exhibition Celebrating the Miao's New Year

    2004  Renewal Planning for the showroom "Chinese Agriculture Department" 

    2004  Renewal Planning for the permanent showroom "human story" section

    2003  Decorating the Home of Hansi Mazu (Goddess of the Sea) Special Exhibition

    2003  The Lost Prehistoric Hui Lai Man, Exhibition

    2002  Blue sky and red clay - Native American Tribes of the Southwest, Exhibition

    2001  Discover South Island, Exhibition

    2000  Exhibition of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses

    1998  Desert Pearl - Dunhuang Grottoes Exhibition

    1997  Liangzhu Culture Exhibition of the Shanghai Museum

    1996  Moderator of the Cultural History Preparatory Group, Lanyang Museum

    1995  Bronzeware Exhibition of the Shanghai Museum

  • Curator/ 

    Ching-Yi Hsu

    Ming Chuan University, Department of Commercial Design

    Participation in the "Shanghai World Expo - Pontoon Style and Interior Design" and "Shanghai World Expo – Authorized Supplier for Exhibitor Supporting Services " - creative team.


    Performances and Works/

    2014  AUO / Dada’s Magic Land, National Museum of Natural Science

    2014  Taipei Zoo / 100th Anniversary Exhibition

    2014  Diageo / The Singleton Sensorial Room

    2014  Amway / Showroom

    2014  Acer / BYOC Experience Center

    2014  T-Star / TAIPEI 101 Flagship Store

    2014  AOPEN / Showroom


    2013  HTC / IT month

    2013  ITRI / 2013 Taiwan Hidden Champions ICT Industry Pavilion

    2013  Delta / “Sunshine Showroom” of Delta Electronics

    2012  TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, "The World of Semiconductors” Museum

    2012 MasterCard Showroom

    2012 Sony Center Hsinchu Big City Store

    2012 KYMCO / EICMA

    2012  BenQ Global Distributors' Meeting (BenQ GDM 2012)

    2011  Institute for Information Industry, Showroom

    2011 CES

    2011  FET Staff Party / Chinese New Year Banquet

    2011 China Productivity Center / MOEA 100

    2010  TOA Lighting / Taipei International Flora Exposition

    2010  BenQ Global Distributors' Meeting (BenQ GDM 2010)

    2010  MSI Master Overclocking Arena, Finals (MSI MOA 2010)

    2010  Shanghai World Expo opening ceremony, “Pontoon Bridge Project” International Design Competition, First Place

    2009  Environmental Protection Administration, Green life garden party

    2008  Shanghai World Expo “South Pacific Tourism Organisation”-booth highest score of combined rating

    2007  Taiwan Design Center / Paris Design Week, Taiwan Pavilion

    2005  Taiwan High Speed Rail Exhibition

    2004  Taoyuan International Aviation Festival

    Space planning for renowned brands like SONY, Hermes, EPSON, GIANT, Foxconn, Textile Federation, Kymco, NOKIA, Council of Agriculture, BenQ, msi, Wyeth, AUO, CMC, Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan County, Taipei County, CMO, Gamania