• " Design fuels solutions to challenges."

    Executive Director of Cogito Taipei

    Design fuels solutions to challenges. It is also a source of sensory pleasure. Add a touch of rebelliousness and it opens up new doors to life, bringing about satisfaction and progress.

  • " Constant exploring and balancing "

    Executive Director of Cogito Shanghai

    Design is a very complex field. It's a constant search for balance between extremes, hovering between reality and ideals, science and art, concept and details. It's this constant exploring and balancing that enriches us and completes us.

  • " Read design by heart "

    Senior Partner and Creative Director

    ● Read design by heart 

     Because there is a need for good, therefore we create.

    ● Creating is like Cooking

  • " Design is an artform "

    Executive Director of Cogito Singapore

    Design is an artform that is borne out of logic, understanding, endless refinement and flawless execution.

  • " Good concepts and brilliantly executed "

    Executive Director of Cogito Düsseldorf

    Good concepts are worth nothing if not brilliantly executed.

  • "To do design" is the communication

    Executive Director of Cogito Tokyo

    I believe that "To do design" is the communication.

    Excellent design does not come from only a superior designer, but comes from the communication between the sincere designer and the dreamful client, between the architecture and the site, and between the user and the owner.
    I hope to be a sincere designer.

  • " Fight for survival every step of the way "

    Senior Director
    The world of design reflects Darwin’s theory “survival of the fittest”. From conceptualization to execution, design ideas have to fight for their survival every step of the way.
    If you are in design, you need to have the confidence, the adaptability and tenacity to sail through the ups and downs.
  • " Transforming thought to action "

    Account Director of Cogito Taipei

    Organisations are constantly challenged to stay relevant in the face of the ever-changing trends and business environments. 

    One has to know how to transform thought to action, to entrench leadership in the market through innovative business models and designs that ignite greater potential.

  • "Putting heart and soul into spatial storytelling"

    Brand Director of Cogito Taipei
    Open your mind to every design possibility.
    Leverage insights and embark on an ever-changing path.
    To create an engaging space that is full of vitality and conveys a story.
  • " Beautiful practicality "

    Design Director of Cogito Taipei
    The most beautiful design is also the most practical.
  • "An adrenaline-filled dream"

    Production Director of Cogito Taipei
    Design is akin to a dream
    One that sets off an adrenaline rush
    A dream within a dream
    That fuels endless imagination when awakened
    We are the ones
    Who bring these dreams to live
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