Kumamon Exhibition

Closely contact with the Kumamon, Enjoy the wonderful and joyful time

Kumamon is the regional mascot of the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan.  His foolish stare, chubby body with two big blushes on the cheek that makes him a superstar. 

This exhibition is themed as a “Bear Gather Together” travel plan to show Japanese appreciation to Taiwan for the help and support given to the revitalization during the earthquakes. Kumamon will accompany public to take this special trip to Kumamoto Prefecture and Taiwan.

In order to make the public know more about of the cultural background of Kumamoto Prefecture; all the display sceneries are based on the local humanity and cultural setting to present the scenario by graphic and three-dimensional settings and interactive experience at each area.

This show is consistent with the core mission of “Together” and “Thanksgiving “ so as to leave a great footprint in everyone’s memory, visitors are able to follow Kumamon and Taiwan “Oh Bear” by catching Happiness train to Taiwan, to experience the local folk culture in the countryside, become the executive chef for the temple festival, and have fun through each of the temple games.