Fun Learning With Snoopy

Creation of interactive multimedia campus, Feel fun with enjoyable learning

“Fun Learning with Snoopy” exhibition first debuts at P2 warehouse in The Pier-2 Art Center. The display style received high praises from visitors, which utilized technology, fun, life and interactive with participatory multimedia experiences.

We hope to create a happy place like a fun park by Snoopy’s comics and collaboration with multimedia interactive gaming. Therefore that’s how the story setting is at school with carefree learning atmosphere. Visitors can play baseball and basketball with the comic’s roles, then also dance with the rhythm and experience coloring techniques together.

In addition, the blocks building installation represents famous landmarks in the geography classroom. Snoopy will lead everyone to travel around the world, such as Taipei 101, Russian Kremlin, the Paris Tower etc.  Through a variety of interactive scenes not only allow the public to fall in love with Snoopy’s charm but also to feel the happiness of simple learning on the campus again.