Delta Green Building Exhibition

Initiating a dialogue between environment, society, times and human

In December 2015, Delta Electronic Culture and Education Foundation held the “ Delta Green Building Exhibition” during COP21, to show the achievement of green building promotion after many years. It won international attention and stunning impression. After the closure of the Paris exhibition, “Delta Green Building Exhibition” was moved back to Taipei. We hope to interpret the various variety of green building through a dialogue and to raise public awareness of building energy efficiency in Taiwan.

We integrate the elements of "flower, insect, and stone" into the design to create a green building image that embraces the ecology. The natural light source introduced by the skylight makes the whole exhibition hall more layered.

We use the covered design and storytelling skills to create the ambient and the atmosphere. It leads the visitors to pass the vibrant forest corridor and feel the harmony between man and nature of the architectural form.