The Royal Lords Wagye in Taiwan

Unveiling the mystique behind the Royal Lords through the themes of Water, Fire, Heaven and People
The exhibition encourages visitors to explore and experience the belief in the Royal Lords with a brand new perspective through the elements of Water, Fire, Heaven and People.
The Water theme depicts the construction of the Royal Lords boat, the ties between religion, local culture and traditional crafts. The Fire theme featured the sacrificial of the Royal Lords boat. The devout faith in Heaven and the People who shaped the belief are implied in the ritual of Water and Fire.
Stepping into the exhibition area, one is confronted by a burning Royal Lords boat. The suspended gigantic characters of Water, Fire, Heaven and People are wrapped by coloured fabric. And the same elements are projected on the ground in the form of water ripples, flames and clouds. By the tactful use of modern technology along with proven exhibition techniques, we introduced visitors to over 700 exhibits that illustrate the source of the local Royal Lords belief and its evolution. Local influences and culture differences are also reflected by as we compare the variations of the belief.