Omron Founder's Memorial Museum

High-tech mixed with Kyoto culture, Finding the unique managing philosophy

The Cogito Japan team co-worked with Nippon Dentsu for the project of "Omron Founder’s  Memorial Hall" and won the 2017 Good Design Award Winner.

Omron is a big company but has a unique philosophy that the founder established after managing the company for a long time. "Omron founder’s Memorial Hall" is located in Kyoto, Japan - the origin of brand creation. Founder of Kazuma Tateishi ‘s previous residence was restored and refurbished to become a memorial surrounded by the traditional Japanese garden. 

In the exhibition hall, the life of founder’s chronological chart displays in a curvy surface to metaphor uncertainty of life. It also shows the founder constantly observe the future as a navigator, working hard and strive to open up new directions. Moreover, the museum retains the former founder’s lifestyle, so visitors can imagine this space in the past, to understand the life philosophy of Kazuma Tateishi.