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  • NSTM-Outdoor Multimedia Interactive at North Wing

NSTM-Outdoor Multimedia Interactive at North Wing

Interpreting Aesthetic of Science with Sunlight, technology and Multimedia

To highlights the green museum vision of NSTM (National Science and Technology Museum), the museum takes the element of technology and humanities in the planning of the visual image design for the exterior and surrounding area of North Hall and to present a technological, recreational and educational museum.

The project leads by Cogitoimage’s chief designer, Katsuyuki Yamaguchi, he takes the concept of "outdoor museum" to interpret the new horizon of aesthetic of digital science.

The multimedia screen located in the front entrance proposed the purpose for marketing campaign, fun animation and interactive experiences. And the wall combines the ‘persistence of vision’ principle to make the images turn into moving pictures by facilitate the App of strip overlay. The most stunning work, ‘Solar Art’ utilizes Kaohsiung’s long hour sunlight up to 2,212 hours and incorporates the sunlight into the device.   The smart and  precisely calculated and arranged iron panels presents different scientists’ faces as the light and shadow go through it and changes the face.  It is not merely art but also science.

From an overall comprehensive and complete planning, it highlights the benefits of energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development and also, to link public participation, strengthening identity and resonance, to achieve life science and technology goals, and most importantly the new popular landmark in Kaohsiung.