AU Optronics - Dada’s Magic Land

Fun relation-building experience to inspire a love and interest for science
“Dada’s Magic Land” is a permanent exhibition hosted by AU Optronics (AUO) and the National Museum of Natural Science for interactive education in electro-optics. The cross-border cooperation of Cogitoimage with Miki Shibuya, a renowned Japanese expert in Children's Science Education, favorably combined electro-optical knowledge with technological resources provided by AUO, successfully created an engaging learning base.
The large space is divided into eight areas: Introduction Zone, Sun Zone, Spectrum Zone, Primary Color Zone, Motion Zone, Eye Ball Zone, Image Device Zone and Panel Application Zone. The exhibition is organized in a relatively unconventional way by rather than using individual devices for showcasing different theories, to display the same scientific theory with diversified methods and inspire visitors to think for themselves through various experimental verifications.
The stunning space design revolves around the concept of “Instigating interest by providing relation-building experience” with the exploratory spirit of “try and see” implemented in the hands-on exhibits. The curiosity-arousing, fun-generating elements not only conveys knowledge, but also sparks kids’ interest for the magical world of science.