Petroleum Discovery Museum-Grand reopening of the newly-renovated museum in 2019


In 2019, in order to promote education on energy, CPC Corporation Taiwan unveiled the newly-renovated Petroleum Discovery Museum; which was the first complete renovation of the facility since its establishment in 2001. After 18 months of preparation, the exhibition planning team from Cogitoimage mobilized its interactive multimedia team to employ creative cross-border designs from Taiwan and Japan. The result was the creation of an exhibition that blends art and entertainment, inviting adults and children alike to bring their curiosity and imagination to the dynamic adventure that is energy taking place a thousand meters beneath their feet.

How does petroleum change our lives? How is fossil fuel formed? These are some of the countless questions the Petroleum Discovery Museum inspires its visitors to ask and ponder over as they learn about the interconnected relationship between energy, petroleum, and the environment. The exposed rock walls and metal pipes on the first floor create an inviting atmosphere, enticing its visitors into the underground world of petroleum. Interactive facilities offering unique experiences were also designed for schoolchildren. The second floor of the museum displays a “Modern City of Petroleum” that allows visitors to freely wander through everyday scenarios and discover the applications and possibilities offered by petroleum.

In addition to creating an interactive multimedia experience, the museum creates learning spaces with its special exhibition room and CPC workshop, where energy experts shall be regularly invited to organize educational events. We hope to build an interdisciplinary facility that fuses education and entertainment; we invite visitors to explore the world of petroleum and experience the close relationship between energy and life.