Grand Opening Ceremony of Taichung Flora Expo


Discovery Pavilion ”Viewing Half-Earth through Taichung’s ecology”

2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition welcomes the grand opening on 3 Nov 2018. Cogito team responsible for the planning of Discovery Pavilion located Houli Forest Park. The topic of Discovery Pavilion is “Viewing Half-Earth through Taichung’s ecology - by protecting the great rivers of the western district and sharing their ecology, we can preserve life in half of our planet.”Using water as a starting point and the lens of the Discovery Pavilion, we walk from the bottom to the top of the Taichung Dajia River landscape. We discover the coexistence of humanity and nature, as well as the ecological variety of Taiwan. Through Taichung’s approach to preserving life in half of our planet, we hope to revive the harmonious balance between humanity and nature.

In the space up to 2,960 square meters, the story of the Discovery Pavilion begins with the Taichung Mother River - Dajia River allow the audience to experience an altitude change of 0 to 3,886 meters and the ecological appearance of Gaomei wetland to the snowy mountain forest that expresses eight different ecological environments and stories of Taiwan in the exhibition hall.


Cogitoimage has even collaborated with Taiwan new artist to utilized eight units of versatile exhibition display to present the story of the conceptual thoughts of this space. This area of the exhibition “Where the river meets the sea” introduces the recuperation of various plant populations. The upper half of the area is filled with thousands of pieces of prisms that refracts light, imitating blazes of sunrise and sunset, as well as light dancing on the surface of the water. These present an extraordinarily beautiful scene of the GaoMei Wetlands. In another area of the exhibition “Remanence of Ice Age”, we use multi-media designs to create a fantastical underwater site, allowing you dive to the bottom of Cijia Bay and swim with the national treasures of Formosan landlocked salmon. This conveys the perseverance of life and beauty.

Lastly, the exhibition area of "New Vision" has gone through the curve surface projection up to 18 meters to interact with actual sensational experience of the light particles on the ground. From the viewpoints of indigenous animals, you see the transformation from the low to the high altitudes of DaJia River. The fine-grained representations and the sense of shock from the vastness of the scene characterizes the perspective that nature is the main character of Taiwan.


As you visit the Discovery Pavilion, we hope to guide you in reconsidering our stunning ecology as the central character of the Earth. Prosperity should not come at the expense of nature – we must rediscover the harmonious balance between humanity and the natural world.