2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition Official Commencement of Discovery Pavilion Construction


2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition will be held from 3rd  November 2018 – 24th April 2019. The exhibition construction and display work of each pavilion is intensively proceeding.


The Discovery Pavilion designed and plan exhibition with operation has officially started construction and display work on 12th June by Cogito Design team.  Cogito’s project Executive Director, David Liu and representative of Education Bureau of Taichung City Government, Wang RuoChiao have both attended for the groundbreaking ceremony. Followed by Co-principal Investigator Johnson Mao and Production Director Yuming Chao led the engineering team to officially launch the exhibition project.


The Discovery Pavilion is located at Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area. This pavilion is the first pavilion visitors will see after entering the expo. The pavilion proposes the concept of " Seeing half of the earth in Taichung". Through the aspects of curatorial design and audience experience to illustrate the perspectives of biodiversity respect and protection.


The Discovery Pavilion is planned by Cogito Senior Director Tony Tsai and design director Ying Fook Lin, together with Consultant Tony KM Chang, to lead the multi-disciplinary team from music, multimedia, installation art, new media, landscape working with Taiwanese literature writer and poets; and teams of excellent and professionals to create exhibition and display work. It is highly expected and looks forward to the opening commencement.