Delta Green Building Exhibition-Kaohsiung Low-carbon micro city, energy - saving future life


The “EcoMobility World Festival” promotes for Green Energy, was selected to be held in Hamaxing, Kaohsiung. Delta Green Building Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions of environmental education in the event. Followed the 2016 Huashan Green Building Show, Cogito has downsized the Delta featured green building and connected with green transport to create a low-carbon city in Pier-2 Kaohsiung Warehouse.

In addition, the continuation of nature learning image from last year, "flowers, insects, stones". It brings out 25 energy-saving green buildings in the exhibition and also incorporated with the characteristics of the Kaohsiung city’s port city image that corresponds to energy-saving solutions to interpret Delta intelligent manufacturing technology. The show has even increased with lively and interesting multimedia interaction, for example; the "Tomorrow Power Grid" consists of conductive ink with motional projection to allow the children to understand various sources of electricity and enhance parent-child interaction activity. Through the exhibition, it promotes more people to join the action of fighting against climate change and planning the future blueprint for the city together.