Gudetama Exhibition at Shanghai-Experience the cozy life philosophy


Japanese super popular pop icon, Gudetama present the first show in Shanghai, China. Gudetama’s cozy figure can be seen at the first, third and the ninth floor of Shanghai Joy Citizen Shopping Center; respectively the show presents large Gudetama Installation Display, Main showground and the Sky Ring Square. Fun and interesting scenery design incorporate with the modern and retro Shanghai Street to create the cozy and charming Demon City.


The Main Showground locates at the courtyard of the third floor, South Podium. As step forward to the entrance of the Fridge Door, you are entering the Gudetama Shanghai shopping street. It is not only presenting the Chinese herbal store, barber shop and other life scenery but also incorporates the Shanghai old street scenes to express the charming retro sensation. Crossed over the corridor with Gudetama’s hand scripts, it leads us to the Gudetama train and the car booth as great camera spot to attract crowds. Underneath the ninth floor of the Sky ring, where all the skyscrapers and buildings surround the Gudetama River that was used famous buildings at Huangpu River and Pudong District as the prototype to illustrate the dazzling and glamourous Shanghai style. Guests can board the Gudetama Cruise in the Gudetama River to enjoy the trip and return with the good memory!