2017 Taipei Cycle Show—Innovation strength coheres through space, creates perfect riding


2017 Taipei Cycle Show has successfully completed on 25th March.

Cogito has once again served and customized another great theme of " Perfect Ride" for Giant; the use of black as the background color and matches with the lighting design to represent the professional and international leading corporate brand- Giant. As well as to present the enhancement of product technology and energy of innovation. Hope everyone can enjoy the fun and the experience of "Perfect Riding" with Giant's bike.

The exhibition design is mainly focused on the Giant's innovative technology technique;

“Innovation Technology” has accompanied with Augmented Reality, the patent technology “tubeless tire” for the participant to have live experience on site. Both active and static experiences on future technology allows the public to know the brand endless stream of innovation. The streamline of big frame structure has expanded to the area of "Performance Competitive Challenge" and "Hybrid Cycling Technology" to display different models with various themes for the diversity display of the show.

In addition, "Urban Sport" incorporates healthy lifestyle into different types of lifestyle, to help consumers find their own riding partners for practical sports life. Moreover, the user can use "# MyPerfectRide-AR virtual reality Photo Zone", to take their own riding ideas and upload photos to the social media.