Award|Silver awarded of 2016 Excellent Design Company in Space design division


Organized by the Taiwan Advertisers’ Association, together with Brain Communication publication for the 5th year. Purpose of this competition is not just an encouragement for the most excellent design company in Taiwan but have the opportunity to expose more excellent future collaboration partners in this industry.

The evaluation index is based on the strategic thinking, creativity performance ability, spirit of service, customer stability of the applied design works. After the most considerable advertisers’ preliminary review and final selection, Cogitoimage receives highly affirmative credit and won the Silver Award in Space design division.

Project Information
AUO-Green Ark
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is dedicated for green business operations promotion and achieves full recovery of water recycle with zero emissions target in Lungtan Aspire Park. Therefore the establishment of a green building, AUO GreenArk with natural symbiosis concept has been set up. Cogitoimage is in charge of interior exhibition planning for the presentation of Taiwan's first full story of process water recycling projects.

Out of the BLUE—Feel the beauty of the unique Indigo dye

Taiwan natural indigo dye industry has once flourished, but now it has become a forgotten aesthetic of crafts.  The curatorial team has studied and throws a deep investigation to plan “Out of the BLUE- An Exhibition of Yilan Indigo Tale” to witness Yilan Indigo dye industry and the cultural change.

Taiwan Mobile Digital Life, Syntrend Creative Park

We introduced contemporary technological media with "T.I.M.E. Digital Convergence" as the design concept. The interior in radial arrangement on white background, combined with LED motion graphics on the ceiling, experience tables and wall designs in Taiwan Mobile’s characteristic triangle cut, altogether formed an artful, modern technology gallery.Hardware like electronic price cards, description specs and the large video wall were applied, realizing go eco by paperless digital communication.