Super Radical Gag Family Exhibition—Remove worries and pressures, awaken crazy genes


Classic hilarious comic manga, “Super Radical Gag Family” held an exhibition in Taiwan. With the theme of expressing pressures, recreate the manga scenes and exclusively interactive stops incorporate with the storyline to allow the audience to release pressures and enjoy the fun of gag. 

The exhibition planning is focus on comic manga scenes and experience; reproduced classic comic plots of main character Osawaki Koutetsu, father, Osawaki Daitetsu’s taxi and Doitsu Jin who lives in the cemetery etc. All of these story scenes allow the characters and scenarios to be present to the audience from the comic books. Other than that, there are many interactive installations of “Fierce Fist - Crazy Contest”, “Extreme Blast- Holy 210K fierce run”, “Youth Memory – Freaking Baseball Contest”, “Anger Howling - Rescue Dragon Spring Rolls”, offer a pressure relief way for people to vent and smashing the installations. Hope the audience do release their pressure from it.

Exhibition team works well in precisely control all procedures and integrates the requirement of each unit from planning, design to construction in less than two months. The show eventually presents plentiful and interesting contents for the audience to feel the funny charm of “Super Radical Gag Family”.