Discovering Technology Treasure 2016—Experience amazing creative application


Industrial Technology Research Institute planned the annual large-scale science and technology interactive exhibition, "Discovering Technology Treasure" shows the results of scientific and technological research and development project from 16 corporate units of their technology integration to refresh innovative application.  The first exhibition is from Kaohsiung, and then moved to Taipei exhibition, so that more people can come and discover the amazing technology treasure.

The exhibition surrounded in the theme of “Future Lab”; it designed the whole process as Dr. Kinks’ recruiting interview procedure. There are scenes of production laboratories, resources lab., biological lab., and communication lab., to allow the audience to experience a variety of new science and technology facilities in the process.  Then the final decision of the position will be decoded personnel, engineers, or the leader of laboratory, to add a bit more of interesting in the show. 

This show is not merely introduce the technological research project result and the actual application, but from the stage scene of the space to allow audience to be more into the scenario and the role, to understand technology through interactive gaming experience.