20th Anniversary Exhibition, Taipei Metro—Saw the city change of styles


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of commuting, The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation has held a special exhibition of Taipei Metro Rapid Transit 20th anniversary with 5 major themes on "Vibrant City", "Touring Life," "Travelling Culture", "Echo of the Era” and “ Trail the Track”.

“ Convenient City, Happy Life" as the exhibition theme to allow the audience to savor the MRT culture and observe the change of style of this city through images, artifacts, art installations and interactive games.
The colors allocate in each of the MRT route connect with each display theme area like color ribbons to celebrate anniversary.  Also, a simulation scenes of Conductor Room, Operation Control Center and Information Center have been built for the public play their role, to experience the working environment of MRT staffs and strengthen the crowd to be more participated.

The biggest challenge is the exhibition located at the transferring passage floor(MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station), not in usual display areas. In order to keep the crowd flowing smoothly, it needs precise control and handling the use of display method and arrangement of set up structural work. Therefore curatorial team completes presentation with full and abundant interesting exhibition content through careful planning and execution.