2016 Taipei International Cycle Show-GIANT—Build the King’s Momentum


This year’s Taipei International Cycle Show participated by 1112 domestic and international brandings with 3300 booths in the show. Cogitimage has planned branding space with longer term collaboration, GIANT
Use “Ready To Tri” as the theme to present double branding with GIANT and Liv, to lead the consumer explore more versatile of cycling world through triathlon.

The space allocation planned with three open entrances to make the crowd flow efficiently. Triathlon Competition arch door designated at the main entrance and creating the atmosphere to strengthen the theme and shape out the momentum of leading brand. Enter the stage along the passage, it comes the presentation of exclusive team pack sponsored by Giant. The Lifestyle series products presenting in a sprightly display structure. It provides with more fun in the space. 

Black color as the foundation and interweaving with all the branding color scheme or through different design terms will allow the creative idea not only convey the branding but moreover to Initiate the enthusiasm of exploring.