AUO-Green Ark—Evoke thoughts of a friendly environment. Green action will never stop


AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is dedicated for green business operations promotion and achieves full recovery of water recycle with zero emissions target in Lungtan Aspire Park. Therefore the establishment of a green building, AUO GreenArk with natural symbiosis concept has been set up. Cogitoimage is in charge of interior exhibition planning for the presentation of Taiwan's first full story of process water recycling projects.

In response to the display theme, the principles based in energy efficiency and environmental protection.  The bright indoor space, permeability and reducing the use of consumables are based on the theme. The transformation of small space has incorporated the wall and the floor as the display area and combines with the feature of building to be part of the display navigation. The curatorial team contributes a lot of work to simplify the specialised water recycling technology through a fun and virtual interactive device to convey message to the public. There is also a panorama circular projection mapping theater to visualize the usage of industrial water with relevant information, to provide an immersive visual experience.

We present various displays to express unlimited attractions in a limited space. By carrying AUO’s green commitment to arouse the public’s attention of environmental sustainability importance and a non-stop of green action.