Gudetama Exhibition—Comfy, Cozy and Lazy. Come with Gudetama to cruise Taiwan


Super popular of new pop icon, Gudetama made the first oversea exhibition at the National Taiwan Science Education Center in a "cutie, lazy" trend to lead the fashion of lay back and take-it-easy style.

In the theme of Gudetama it leads us to step into the character's daily life.  From bedroom, living room to kitchen, you can see Gudetama is everywhere. Lay onto a wooden tray with Gudetama for a short cozy nap or drink a cup of tea in the study room and through the big fridge in the kitchen to the local "Gudetama in Taiwan" show area where there's a fortune-teller, Gudetama temple, Chinese herbal medicine store and barber shop sceneries. Also, the night market featured Taiwan style street makes the audience feel situated in the scene lively.

The curatorial team emphasis on interactive experience with creative ideas, such as bacon-styled quilt, beef noodle styled slide and ‘guaranteed cannot- catch’ Gutedama's doll machine etc., there are many unique sceneries for audiences to take photos and so many fun and joyful interesting shows to be discovered.