Sony Store, Breeze Xin Yi—“A Life With Sony”- the visualization of an idealistic life with Sony


Sony Taiwan has officially opened a store in the Breeze Center shopping mall in Taipei, Taiwan; which is the first Sony concept store in Asia.

Instead of following the traditional way of electronic merchandise display, we have taken an approach with modern live setting presentations. Beginning with the domestic “Living Area” showing multimedia entertainment products to the left; then the “Men’s Talk “ in bar-style showing cameras, portable speakers - men's favorite conversation topics – with the charm of private atmosphere in the back; to the “Hot Spot” in the middle, focusing on introducing the newest products in catwalk concept. To the right, the "Wardrobe” designed for female customers, displays electronic devices with feminine appeal, in styles such as cute girl or business woman, on podium displays. The “Warehouse”-section next to it in sports house style, shows sport cameras and wearable devices among others; and at last the gallery style “Show Room” in the front, with “Collections” as the theme, it exhibits photographs taken with different lenses.

Overall, the space design using live setting presentations to visualize an idealistic life with Sony effectively deepened the customers’ personal experience with the products.