Out of the BLUE—Feel the beauty of the unique Indigo dye


Taiwan natural indigo dye industry has once flourished, but now it has become a forgotten aesthetic of craftsThe curatorial team has studied and throws a deep investigation to plan “Out of the BLUE- An Exhibition of Yilan Indigo Tale” to witness Yilan Indigo dye industry and the cultural change.

Indigo dyed cloths installation hanging at the hall entrance to shape a refined aesthetic ambient. To be close to the local humanities theme and create an immersive experiences; collaborates the special atmosphere of the Linmei Shihpan Trail, Ching-Chueh sedimentation tanks, TouCheng Old Street and  Yuanhecheng Dye House to allow audience to feel the past and present life of Indigo dye industry through the five sensory experiences. A rare and precious relic with hundred years of history, Stepping Stone and other indigo dye exhibits from worldwide and contemporary artists’ collection.

Curatorial team has precisely control the progress and integrates all resources within two months’ time.  By detailed description, it presents all relevant information of indigo plants, cultivation, production methods, techniques, industry movement to every aspects in life. The supplemented Taiwan’s culture and history also joins the artistic beauty, to compose a rich and abundant exhibition.