“1001 Love. Life.” Continuously x Design Event


“1001 Love. Life.” Continuously x Design Event is the core program of 2015 Shanghai City of Design; it goes from six life perspectives of clothing, Food, Housing, Transportation, Education, Entertainment, to expand a series of green continuously theme design event held by the ACIA (Asian Creative Industry Alliance) and Creative Network. Cogitoimage contributes professional effort of image support and creative design in this event.

Logo- Design Concept
“1001 Love. Life.” this theme was initially relates to the 1001 night tales. Night time is often the moment when the designers mostly inspired; the designers seem to be preferred to tell a story when the night falls. Designers create imagination and story of future and create a better living environment from their inspiration and thoughts. 

Therefore, the focus of this activity is on love with life; the concept of planning team believes "The design always return back to the people themselves", which allows the participants to think on the relationship in between people, environment and sustainable relationship with life.
On "1001 Love Life” Continuously x Design Event Logo design, not only the main logo but also the logos with clothing, Food, Housing, Transportation, Education, Entertainment. It comes with yellow and green for its leaves and blue represents for earth to link the relationship with environment.

Computer programming consists with two basic figures 0 and 1.  0 and 1 will be applied to the Logo, and aims to return to the origin. Through the continuation and changes of 0 and 1 between each other, as if this is in demonstration of this continuous innovation and development process. 0 in the Food section that can be changed to the shape of the plate. In the Transportation section, it can becomes the shape of bicycle etc., to coherent and refer with all different sectors. The entire design concept and space planning of Logo have shown a strong sense of life and fun, the overall concept and style echoes with the activities.

Let’s Have Fun!
"Loop back ◎ unlimited green circle loop activity" is one of a series of activities;  Public welfare cross-border exchanges by the interior designer, exhibition designer and industrial designer.  Cogitoimage together with the working partner to create, "Play together! Let's Have Fun!" artworks, which utilized with all sorts of waste materials usually encountered in the work and turn these decays into magical transformation and build a dream home for 6 to 12 year-olds children.

The Activity aims to allow the children to get fun and joy and inspired their creative thinking and environment awareness from the artworks through the design.  Also, wish the designer can be inspired through the understanding of “sustainable design” from this event.