Award|Silver awarded of 2015 Excellent Design Company in Space design division


Organized by the Taiwan Advertisers’ Association, together with Brain Communication publication for the 5th year. Purpose of this competition is not just an encouragement for the most excellent design company in Taiwan but have the opportunity to expose more excellent future collaboration partners in this industry.

The evaluation index is based on the strategic thinking, creativity performance ability, spirit of service, customer stability of the applied design works. After the most considerable advertisers’ preliminary review and final selection, Cogitoimage receives highly affirmative credit and won the Silver Award in Space design division  for its first time participation.

Project Information
AU Optronics - Dada’s Magic Land
The stunning space design revolves around the concept of “Instigating interest by providing relation-building experience” with the exploratory spirit of “try and see” implemented in the hands-on exhibits. The curiosity-arousing, fun-generating elements not only conveys knowledge, but also sparks kids’ interest for the magical world of science.

T-Star Taipei 101 Flagship Store
The flagship store in Taipei 101 was designed to have the classy and lofty flair of an international brand, along with services and experiences beyond the traditional five senses awaiting to charm visitors. The transboundary cooperation with the award-winning Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa introduces a touch of vivid aesthetic to the digital displays, an eye-catching splendor that generated buzz. Overall, the store design perceptibly introduced the modern concept of how multi-ways of communication was enabled by diversified digital platforms to enrich people’s lives.

HTC, Taipei Computer Applications Show 2014
Taiwan formally entered the 4G era in 2014. 4G goods and services have become the flagship products for the telecom, mobile phone and tablet industries. For TICA 2014, our design revolved around the slogan: “Infinite Life, Infinite Fun. 4G Vivacity”. The core design was a ceiling concept in the form of an infinity sign, the" Möbiusband", to represent the maximum velocity of a 4G network, while echoing the number“8”of the hero product HTC One (M8). The structure rose up to six meters height and created a momentum that reinforced the brand identity of HTC. 

Another highlight was created by combining elements of the popular HTC accessory “Dot View”-case into the display, which contributed to a playful digital atmosphere and firstly to catch the attention of consumers.