Häagen-Dazs, Shanghai Xintiandi─“A Universal Lounge”- Relaxation and comfort amidst city life


“Secret Garden", the new image Cogitoimage has created for Häagen-Dazs in China and the Asia-Pacific region, induced a sense of privacy and intimacy to its consumer space. However, the project this time in Xintiandi, a fashion landmark in contemporary Shanghai, distinct itself by the timeless charm of the traditional Shikumen architecture. The design for this hybrid of the British row house with southern Yangtze folk house creates a stylish, exquisite ambiance with a historic touch.

To meet the concept of "A Universal Lounge" – comfy, like a living room - the particular, narrow layout has been partitioned into private lounges, blending cultural diversities into a uniquely captivating modern yet traditional space.

The wall design of the seating area is especially attuned to the typical smooth curvilinear lines of brand, echoing the delicate and creamy taste of Häagen-Dazs’ ice cream. Whether choosing a seat or hanging around the place while savoring the sweet treat, the visitor is engulfed in the unique glamour of fascinating Shanghai, where west meets east and tradition meets modernity.