"Run For Water, Water For Run" ─ Feel the value of water, witness its scarcity and preciousness


Being a long term sponsor and actively participating in environmental activities, Delta Foundation’s cooperation with How-Link, Cogitoimage’s curatorial team, this time was to raise awareness of water issues. Dry scientific data and knowledge were reinterpreted and transformed to stimulate viewers to reconsider the value of water from different perspectives.  

The exhibition entrance greeted visitors with a large Chinese character for water:”水”. Projected poem verses emerged gradually - a prelude to a tour of water and civilization. A river of history starting with ancient times told about the changes of waters in the flow of time. The thematic planning eventually brought visitors near to the heart of Formosa, displaying our water veins. We followed Kevin Lin, the ultra-marathon runner, out into the drought, reflecting on our everyday lives from a global view, and learned about ways of daily water saving. At the end of the journey visitors vowed in a declaration altogether for being proactive in water conservation.

A circumspect planning along with novel exhibition methods and design vocabulary, combined with Delta's own soft- and hardware technologies, stories were told with a large amount of interactive multimedia, vividly bringing the value of water dear to the visitors.